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    Sussex Bucks

    My son and myself have starting the roe buck season with a bang! had stalking booked with Sika Malc last week end , 2 stalks booked and i managed a buck on each outing and the lad taking a buck in the morning. Great day out and plenty of deer on the ground, including some mature medal's , which i was after but they gave us the slip. sorry no photo's i'd left the camera at home.
    Thanks malc and tom it was great stalking with you again and look forward to the stalking next month. Chris and Dean.

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    Well done Chris and Dean its a great place to be and Malc always does his darndest to get you on the bucks .
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Cheers Chris, good to see you and your son again, and a good result at the end as well. 3 bucks between the two of you over 2 stalks.

    Another good few outings ending yesterday with a further 3 bucks taken including a very nice long 6 pointer. However the excitement reached its limit on Friday morning when we took an old murder buck with just two long spikes, which was in the same field as a medal buck. Whilst gralloching the spike buck another medal buck came out of the woods we were in and onto the field. Neither of these two beasts had been seen before.

    That's 11 bucks in 12 outings!!
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    Well done Chris and Dean, what a great weekend!

    11 Bucks in 12 outings is amazing, credit to you Malcolm.

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