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Thread: Free air rifle (daystate lr90)

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    Free air rifle (daystate lr90)

    I have got an air rifle in the cabinet that i never yous and now because of the new law up here i am no longer going to be keeping it so i would like to offer it on here for free to some one who mayby has a youngster looking to get into hunting. Its a few years old but in reasonably good condition. Can e mail photos to anyone thats interested. Would rather see someone getting the use of it rather than just hand it in to police.



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    I think you are great..
    and I do hope that it goes to someone of a young age, getting into the sport

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    Good offer buddy Be nice if the recipient posted a pic of the youngster with it when he gets it.

    Not as I'm suggesting anyone would have it and then sell it

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    Thats a generous offer,well done on you allan,some kid will be gratefull.

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    Well done, my son is only 4, so a few years to early, but good on you and be good to get a youngster in to the sport.

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    Fantastic offer Allan shame I have no room in the gun cabinet it would have been ideal for my 7 year old tab Craig

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    Great offer Allan had my boy been a bit younger it would of been great for him but at nearly 15 he'll just to keep making do with mine .��

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    Air rifle has found a new home. I went with the first reply i had and that was through a pm. Sorry to all the others.

    Could anyone give me any tips on the postage side of thing like this. As i have never done anything like this before.


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    Pack it well and use Ipostparcels.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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