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    Lab dog

    As above, been looking for a while but nothing has came up as yet, both parents must have Heath checks done. Will be working all through the winter picking up and hopefully will become my new stalking companion. In in cornwall


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    I've got a litter at the moment from fully health tested parents.
    Drop me a message if you want the details.
    Specialist boarding for working dogs in Staffordshire.
    All breeds of dogs trained, puppies and older dogs sometimes available
    Click here------->Wren's mews, kennels and cattery.<-------Click here

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    I can attest to the quality of Mike's dogs (Wrens mews). He is a very knowledgeable chap and his dogs are of the highest quality.
    I have two Springerdors from Mike and they are both excellent dogs! If he has some coming up to ready then I would suggest they are worth a trip to see.

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