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Thread: Aimpoint - micro h2 or h34l?

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    Aimpoint - micro h2 or h34l?

    Putting one of the above on a driven rifle but can't seem to find the pros and cons of one over the other. Anyone got experience with either, or even better both? What would you recommend?


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    Both are good but am biased as I have shot the 34l - it's the one I would (will) go for when surplus funds permit - good clear optics and sharp dot - I've seen people struggle with Eotech's but the Aimpoint is made for close driven if you don't want to spend 1.5-6 Swaro money. My only wish would be to have intuitive dot brightness but with a dozen light settings they're easy to tweak to conditions.

    Dauntsey Guns have both in stock so go and have a look - quite a few lads who travel abroad on these hints regularly swear by them
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    No experience of either, but have been thinking about the h2, I can't really see what the h34 offers apart from more weight probably more height, I like the way the h2 is compact , in my eyes if you go for the h34 you may aswell go for something like a z6i or similar and have the benefit of having extra mag if needed up a highseat or something. Just my view. What rifle are you putting it on?

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    It's going on top of a Steyr CLii in 30-06. Couldn't warrant putting the expense of a Swaro on something that's my first driven gun. If I enjoy it as much as I think I will then I can consider it.

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    My understanding is that the only difference is cosmetic - internally, technically, they are the same.
    The 'Hunter' series is made to look less tactical and more like a traditional scope. See the two pictures, with an Aimpoint Hunter S34 on a Steyr Scout .308Click image for larger version. 

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