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    Is there a way to see if a PM has been viewed? They used to sit in the outbox until looked at before the site was altered. I'm sure there is something in place to check on them, but being a bit of a PC numpty I ain't found it yet. Other than that, the site is working so much better since the upgrade---thanks Admin.
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Yes, when you send a message tick "Request a read receipt for this message" at the bottom of the message compose page (under where you type the message). If you don't see this option you are probably in Quick Reply, in which case click the Go Advanced button to get to the message compose page.

    You can then see in 'Track Messages' (over on the left in private message screen) when/if it has been read.

    Unfortunately you need to do this for each message you want to track, as there is currently no easy way to make this enabled by default. It is something I'm looking into though.


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    Thanks Alex, I'd seen the "track messages" but not the "read receipt" bit, I really must pay more attention So if I sent a PM to a time waster with my contact details, there's now no way of knowing if said PM has been viewed?
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Unfortunately not, but you can check when he was last online in his profile page and if he has been online there is a good chance he would have read it.


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    He was online when I posted the PM but never acknowledged seeing it. I've deleted it now so hopefully he didn't.
    Thanks Alex.

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