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    anschutz 1416 D HB

    After some trading and a bit of apprehension, I am a owner of a new anshutz 1416d, heavy barrel sporter. I have not had an opportunity to shoot it yet. To anyone that may have one, what are your impressions of it? Accuracy? Fit and finish is top notch, obviously, and rightly should be for a rifle of its pedigree, and price. This is my first high grade 22 rimfire. Thank you in advance for the input

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    I have a 1517 thumbhole, same action I believe. It's fantastic, beautifully made and brutally accurate. Lovely light trigger, the overall quality of the rifle is outstanding. You won't regret it I am sure, a friend has one also that has accounted for a lot of game. Mine needs a good clean often but I think that's one of the idiosyncrasies of .17hmr. In terms of accuracy...let's put it this way at 75 yards I'll shoot tighter groups with it than my custom sako 25 06.

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