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Thread: Auto feeder for flight pond.

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    Auto feeder for flight pond.

    Hi everyone,

    Just after thoughts and recommendations with regards to auto feeders on flight ponds.

    I have avoided them in the past due to undesirables in close proximity to the ponds but my new ponds are more secluded hence my newly founded interest.

    Looking forwards to your response.


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    I've tried several and now settled on a Mountier or some think spelt similar it's directional so only feeds one direction instead of 360 degrees . Getting it right with autos is hard work dusty or dirty barley blocks up the spinner so cheap sweepings are out of the window etc , battery's it pays to have three ready at all times .ive found it vest to feed wheat as it dosnt block up but the danger is over feeding and getting rotting wheat as it will deter everything tbh even with autos it pays to visit ponds at least every three days to check everthing is ok and working

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