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Thread: Quality binoculars

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    Quality binoculars

    I want to upgrade my binoculars to a better make. I thought of Swarovski, zeiss or Leica . Any other recommendations re make and type. Thinking of 8 X 32 or 42. I have a friend in the USA at the moment. Is there an American make of the same quality.

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    Depends on your budget and how your eyes suit the different brands, for me the best I have used are Swarovski 8.5x42 el's , however if budget is more limited I would have a good look at Minox 8x42 , they offer very good performance at a cheap price point.

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    I have the vortex viper 8x42 hd,s cant fault them ,

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    +1 for Minox. Great value for money.

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    If you can afford a pair of Swarovski,buy them. Fantastic glass and top after sales service.

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    I am using Zeiss Victory RF 10X56, really pleased with them, except a little chunky, but performance is very good even in low light. Rangefingder works very well.

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    Love my Leica Trinovid,s 8x42 ,best glass ive ever owned ,of course other brands are available
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    vortex and minos are very good for a fraction of the price

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    You're correct,Nick,but it depends on whether you want very good or exceptional and whether you're willing to pay the extra for that.

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    I have found that the cheaper binos have a very flat field of view (if that is the correct term?) Basically, they need a lot of focussing that the more expensive models don't. The glass is very good though!

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