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Thread: Lee press, hand press and bullet comparator nut

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    Lee press, hand press and bullet comparator nut

    Hi all

    All used and now surplus to requirements

    Lee breech Lock press (with both primer seating 'things')

    Lee hand press 30

    Bullet comparator nut 10 - Sold

    All plus post or can be collected from Cannock staffs or I can deliver around the Birmingham area.


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    Attachment 70557
    Attachment 70558
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    Please can you tell me what calibers the nut is bored and throated for and postage cost

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    Pm'd regarding press.

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    Both presses are currently on hold

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    I'll take the comparator please, can you give me a price posted

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    Sorry The comparator nut is now sold

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    Lee hand press now sold. Breech Lock press still available

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