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Thread: Bravecto tablets for ticks

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    Bravecto tablets for ticks

    Has anyone used Bravecto Tablets on the dogs recently, it stated they kill fleas and ticks for up to 3 months, I have done a quick search on this site and found a short thread back in 2015 , some good and bad results,
    I have lost one dog to Lyme disease approx 10 years ago , and saved another one approx 5 years ago with it, however I have read some bad report about side effects about Bravecto so I asking if any one has used it recently.

    My one GWP lives outside and has such a thick coat it is impossible to see ticks on her to remove them manually with any reliability.


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    I just got some from the vet's yesterday. I'll let you know about side effects if they occur.

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    Give them to my HWHV and see no side effects on him. Works a treat, ticks still latch on but drop off dead soon after!

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    I posted about this the other day about dogs and ticks. I give my dog bravecto, no side effects, no ticks or fleas. I live in an area with lots of ticks and with this treatment she has had no problems, which can be more than said for me! I have had Lyme disease, why can't they come up with a similar treatment for us!

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    Follow up to my last thread, I posted it in Vets corner.

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    Both Cockers had their first taste of Bravecto last week. The older dog (7 years) has always reacted badly to spot on treatments. Both have been absolutely fine with Bravecto, no adverse reactions at all.

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    Hi used them for the last two seasons,work well no ticks at all and that's after at least 60 days a season,just about to get some more as ticks starting to reappear.Bloody hate Ticks and Rats

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    my bitch has been on it for about 2 years with no side effects, and it works well, never seen a flea on her, and as mention above the odd tick might latch on, but is dead in a day and just drops off,

    A keeper mate of mine had a bad flea problem with his dogs, and have started using this aswell, again for him with good results,

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    I use it on my young lab and no side effects.
    Walked him and my parents lab together last week and theirs picked up 4 ticks whilst mine didnt have any!

    Suffice to say they are putting theirs on Bravecto!

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    We also use it on all of our dogs with no side effects seen whatsoever. We switched to Bravecto when we started to see fairly regular ticks despite regular topical treatment with Frontline. It maybe works out a bit more expensive, but not a single tick since we've been using it.

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