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Thread: 2.5x Scope for driven game

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    2.5x Scope for driven game

    Just looking for opinions from people with experience of shooting moving game.
    Im after a couple of new scopes hopefully to cover all hunting and zeroing eventualities and was thinking of something like 1.8-10x mag.
    i notice however that the choices increase greatly if the lower mag started at 2.5x.
    Whats your thoughts? Would 2.5x be too much for driven?
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    I've never shot real driven game but I have just got back from a cinema shooting range in Sweden and I used an aimpoint , both eyes open and got on very well
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    Quote Originally Posted by bbrc View Post
    .... Would 2.5x be too much for driven?
    Not at all, I have a 1.5-4x25 and mostly use it between 2x & 3x. At 1.5x I can see the barrel in the scope which I don't like.

    However, if you are thinking of a 2.5-10x50 or 56mm type scope as a general compromise, they are not great for driven shooting.

    For driven game, you want your rifle to handle as much like a shotgun as you can achieve - for me, this means as small and light a scope as possible, not some bloody great 56mm monster completely upsetting balance and handling.

    You could get away with a 2.5-10x42 sized scope at a pinch.
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    I am no driven game specialist, having only made three trips, but I invested in one of these: Leupold Optics VX•R 1.25-4x20mm - | Leupold Optics

    At 1.25x it gives a linear field of view of a shade under 23m at 100m.

    This is one of Leupold's scopes that has a low mag starting at 2.5x: Leupold Optics VX-3i 2.5-8x36mm - | Leupold Optics

    At 2.5x it gives a linear field of view of 12.5m at 100m, i.e. just about half of the above.

    My (again limited) experience is that target acquisition is everything with driven game - if you can't get on to the animal then you're not going to get a shot. At least on the trips I went on there were a good number of guns shooting over open sights or low-powered scopes. With a narrow field of view I can see the risk of having to "hunt" for the animal through the scope rather than just concentrating on the shot.

    That said, most of the locals seemed to have regular hunting scopes! A lot is presumably dependent on what you're used to.
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    I have a Doctor sight II on my driven rifle and it works very well. Cheaper than a scope too.

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    What about open sights? I can still shoot well with them and certainly good enough out to 30 /40 yards. I only have a fixed 6x scope in a claw mount on my 7x65r, and if I was putting something I will need new claws. I have tried a 1.5x on my .22 on bunnies - just as happy with open sights.

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    If close up and it already has open sights, then I'd stick with them.

    If no opens look at red dots.

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    I shoot with a Meopta R1 1-4x22 K Dot. For driven i use it on 1x and shoot with both eyes open. At the shooting cinema i use 1x on the running moose range 4x. I have a Aimpoint 900L that is good to shoot with.

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    2.5x, 2x, or 1.5x will all work - the important thing is quick focus, reticle acquisition, and target acquisition. So you want something which permits you to shoot with both eyes open for fastest target acquisition and tracking, seeing the scene outside the sights.

    A dot or single post is quickest to acquire. Your eye naturally goes to a spot or dot. It does not need to be large, just visible. In dark woods and on game with dark coats - like boar, bear, and buffalo - a lighted reticle is another advantage.

    Eye relief is important. Some of the scopes made for shotgun slug hunting and black powder have lots of eye relief and deep eye relief, so are very forgiving of less than perfect initial head position. And they are not expensive. A Bushnell, Nikon or Burris are in the $150 USD range.

    So rather than trying to find one expensive scope which does it all, and ending up with something too heavy for gun balance and shotgun quick mounting, consider buying a dedicated red dot or small scope with IR, and put your scopes in QR rings.

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    I'd go Aimpoint if I were you or, as has been mentioned, the Docter holo reflex sights are excellent (I have one on my HW77 KTL for close pigeon barn encounters!) but the picatinny mounts go straight on my Helix.

    The low mag IR Swaro and Leica's are superb but look more the ticket for woodland / close in stalking - as has been said, you'll be wanting to swing through with the target like a shotgun
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