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Thread: Yildiz spare parts

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    Yildiz spare parts

    I'm looking for a firing pin for a yildiz shotgun. Do you know where I could buy one, there's a place In Preston that I usually buy spares from, but the pins are on back order there.
    Any suggestions, please.

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    Entwistle's in Preston got me a spare screw for a Yildiz, eventually. I presume you were using them? Beyond that I am sorry but can't suggest an alternative for a factory spare part.


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    Dauntsey Guns are a Yildiz supplier and do mail order - sure they'll be able to help
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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    Many thanks to you both.

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    Entwistle if you have no joy PM me and I get you one.

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    Thank you. Pm on it's way.

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    Can you not just get a gunsmith to make you one?

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    Yes , I may have to resort to a local gunsmith.

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    Thanks for the information. And to Welsh warrior for offering to make me a pin, very kind gesture.
    I have one In the post now, so happy days.

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