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Thread: my .308 load results

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    my .308 load results

    Hi guys,

    I did some reloading for my .308 to try and find a 'sweet' spot. Im shooting a R700 PSS in .308 with 150gn Hornady SSTs, Federal match primers, H4895 and PRVI brass (once fired). I fired three round groups at 118 yds (thats how long our range is apparently!), starting with 43gn of power, working up at 0.5gn a time up to a MAX of 45gn.

    The rifle was cleaned prior to going to the range and i fired two three shot groups of PRVI 168gn match ammo to 'foul the bore'. I waited 7 minutes between groups, although half way through i gave the barrel 15 minutes to cool as it was getting hot. As you can see from the results, it isnt grouping that well. still. I think that the groups would be tighter if fired from a cold barrel every time.

    Attachment 1 is a two shot group with my .243 done on the same day, same conditions etc, just to prove that its not all the man behind the gun!
    Attachment 1396

    This one you can see the 168gn match ammo, giving fairly good groups, im discounting the first three shots due to the rifle being clean before starting..?
    Attachment 1397

    43gn shows two through the same hole, one 1'' left and 1/2 high. 44gn shows an even larger split.
    Attachment 1398

    43.5gn shows three rounds spread over 2'' in elevation with a little azimuth spread.. 44.5gn shows 1.5'' ish group.
    Attachment 1399

    I wrote 45.5gn on the target, actually 45gn. Also a 4 round group. Anyone got any ideas why it would group like that?
    Attachment 1395

    Im not overly happy with the results from the .308 today. i think i may go back to the range tomorrow and only do say two 3x round groups, thus eliminating barrel heat problems (even though its a varmint/heavy barrel)

    Oh, and im fully aware that the rifle is shooting 1-2'' left, but i didnt want to mess around with point of aim when trying to get decent groups.
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    How far off of the lands are your homeloads?
    KevinF -

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    Hi, What distance off the lands are you seating the bullets at? Try it at 10 thou, and work on the powder charge.

    I haven't try'd H4895 in my .308, i use N140 with good sub 1/2"-3/4" groups in my Prohunter mkII.



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    Hmm, how far off the lands?! a few people have asked me this, ive made a dummy round and tried to measure it.. even with the round only .3 into the case, its still nowhere near from what i can see/feel. i dont have a proper guage though.


    Ive measured the OAL of a 150gn SST when pushed into the chamber of the rifle. Its 2.93'' I did it 5 times to ensure that i was right. I smoked the head and could see two witness marks where it was sat in the throat. The rounds that i used above were to the handbooks min OAL of 2.8''. I think the MAX OAL would be 2.895, that giving 0.3'' seated inside the case. Where would you guys point me next?

    Also for info, im from the new generation that doesnt fully understand divisions of an inch.. Never had it explained! I know 1/8th, 1/16th etc, but not this 100th or 1000th? anyone care to enlighten me?
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    I think you need to read a proper reloading book, and invest a little bit of money in an OAL gauge.
    KevinF -

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    Any bedding issues aside, you may be facing the fact that the rifle doesn't like the SST bullet. When I shoot and get groups like that, and I've tried everything I can think of, I figure it's the bullet and move on. Not all bullets are accurate in all rifles.~Muir

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    Cheers Kevin, i mean the 168gn PRVI did seem to shoot better through the rifle, so i had thought of changing to something other than the 150gn sst. Apart from bedding, are there any other areas you think i could check? Regarding the OAL, is it worth making some up to the MAX OAL of my rifle minus 10 thousandths of an inch (whatever they are!), do you think that this could be the area in which i could tighten the groups up?

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    ff. Do you have a digital electronic caliper? Or a manual one? If not, I think you need to get one (quickly). Rgds JCS

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    JCS - Digital electronic.. Also use digital scales (but always check weights on manual scales at beginning of a session

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    OAL of rounds, in most rifles if not all, makes a substantial difference to accuracy, assuming that the rifle is mechanically (including bedding) otherwise sound.

    A good reloading manual will show you how to measure your rifle's (probably) unique dimension between case head and the ogive (not the tip) of your chosen type of bullet where it contacts the lands of the rifle. This is not the same as where the bullet might bump the throat someway beforehand. Having established this baseline dimension, you can use a gauge to achieve test rounds loaded to within 10-20 thou off of the lands - the range between which most rifles respond with greatest accuracy. Somewhere between 10 and 20 thou you will find a length where groups tighten, then thereafter loosen up again.
    KevinF -

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