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Thread: CZ 527 scope mounting issues.

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    CZ 527 scope mounting issues.

    I am having the usual issues trying to fit a scope on my newly acquired CZ 527 (Ebony Edition), can anyone advise what the lowest rings available are for this rifle. I am trying to source a modified bolt handle to help with this. The rifle came with an S&B Klassik 8x56 mounted half a mile away from the receiver. Ideally I would like to fit a 3-10x40ish (1" tube) size scope as low as possible.

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    get your grinder and sand paper out
    easy to do and the best option.

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    I use Burris Medium rings for the 527.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    I use Burris Medium rings for the 527.~Muir
    May I ask what scope you use with the Burris rings?

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    Warne mediums are the best option I have found for mounting a 40/44mm scope close to the barrel
    and still be able to cycle your modified bolt knob.
    That said I have drifted back to using standard CZ mounts, yes they are higher than needed for clearance
    but they are also designed to allow your eye and the scope to line up without contorting yourself.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sako308 View Post
    May I ask what scope you use with the Burris rings?
    I have a number of them on different rifles. The largest is a 4-16X with a 42mm front objective on my 204 Varmint, iirc. The bolt clears without modfication. The scope is a US brand called Scheels so that won't help you much. What diameter is the widest point on the rear objective of your scope? I can compare it to mine and tell you if it will work.~Muir

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    i have a set of warne high for 42mm-52mm scopes if you want to try them ?

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    I use one piece KOZAP rings for mine, with a Nightforce scope mounted on top and have no issues with bolt clearance. The objective is 56mm and almost touches the top of the barrel. I had a 50mm Objective scope mounted on it previously which left 5 or 6mm clearance.

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    Thanks for all the advise, I have some Leupold CZ medium rings on the way and will try my Leupold VX-1 4-12x40 to check the fit. They have 1.6" eye piece, more compact than most so should work. If that looks good then I have my eye on a VX-3i 3.5-10x50 (may as well go 50mm as the bolt clearance is the limiting factor rather than barrel clearance). Will post a picture in due course.

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    If you are passing through Edinburgh I can alter the bolt and polish it up for you, can even blue it if you want

    did the same to a Brno fox as no matter what you want you can't mount a 44 close to the barrel if it has a normal sized occular

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