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Thread: B.a.s.c. Agm.

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    B.a.s.c. Agm.

    Just back home from Stirling, had a good trip both ways, courtesy of Willie-Gunn (Dom), things would have been a lot more difficult without his kind help!& a very good evening spent in his company in a Moffat hostelry, followed by Griff's election to council, with I may say a goodly portion of votes!......... my own reason for being there has had what I view to be some succsess, I withdrew the motion for rule changes to allow internet accsess for the wider membership, in relation to AGM's & other matters, on condition it went to council, so I returned home..all the way home........ to the front door in fact! by Dom!
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    Hi all,
    just a quick thank you to all who voted for me.
    It was however a dissapointing turnout again,if you want change then a little effort is needed,.
    My hat goes off to Steve & Willie-gunn, who drove 6-7hrs just to have his motion heard.
    He put his point across well, probably not the outcome he was looking for,but nonetheless a success that it will be discussed at council level, I hope that we will be able to offer Steve an invite when it is discussed.

    Just 1800 votes cast out of 127,000 that really is p*ss poor, that in itself sends a message to the BASC heirarchy "we dont care".

    Again well done to Steve and Willie-gunn who made the effort.


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    Delighted that you got elected! I really thought the Troup bloke had somehow wangled his way in, but no.

    I know you will be a breath of fresh air on the council and will follow your progress with interest. Give my regards to Mike Sherman and tell him I'll see him at the CLA. See you when the midgies have gone!!!

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    Well done Griff, congratulations! Now the hard work starts!


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    Congratulations again on making the Council - great to have you on there.

    Like you, I was dumbfounded at how few members actually cast their vote. Given all the moans and complaints about the organisation I would have expected people to at least take the time to fill in one sheet of paper or go to a web page. IMHO if they can't be bothered to vote then I wouldn't waste time listening to their whinging. What really surprised me, though, was that no-one from Council made mention of the poor turnout - maybe that's something we'll read about in the minutes or the next magazine. Sadly it reinforced the point that efforts have to be made to re-connect to the membership, particularly in challenging times like these.

    Kudos to Steve for his impromptu speech when his motion was discussed - nothing like having a microphone thrust at you unawares to quicken the heartbeat . His motion was a good one, and now that it's been raised at AGM it can be followed up in the magazine and in Council. The need for the Association to find every way to actively involve the membership has never been greater.

    What I did like, and said to Steve on the way back, was that the Scottish Chairman (Alan Balfour) made a point of coming up and speaking to Steve and I at the beginning, despite the fact that we were not "suited and booted" like most of the attendees and we were most definitely not part of the in-crowd. Alan spent a good time chatting with us and thanking us for making the effort to attend. After the AGM both he and Peter Glenser then buttonholed Steve again to assure him that the intent behind his motion would not be forgotten or kicked into the long grass. Good on them for taking the time and making the effort.

    My goal for next year's AGM is to get other Council members to speak with me - note to self, don't forget to pack the Toad of Toad Hall tweed suit!

    Thanks to Steve for being great company on the long drive there and back, as well as introducing me to the best chippy in Moffat! Also for finding out that Moffat was home to ACM Hugh Dowding and that someone there has a real Spitfire parked in their front garden. For anyone passing, it's well worth a visit. Next time Steve we'll fit in some stalking and make a real road trip out of it.

    Top marks again to Griff for making it onto Council and looking forward to hearing how things go.

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    Well done Griff, sorry I couldn't make it it was a case of the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. Never mind you are in and I would like to think that a good number of the pathetically few votes that were cast came from members on here. Of course this does mean that your shell like will be awfully convenient

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deako View Post
    I really thought the Troup bloke had somehow wangled his way in, but no.

    He did get in - there were 5 seats available on Council and he got No. 4.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Griff first of all congrats on your apointment .Now may i ask will this be stalking related or every thing to do with BASC . As i did like you opinions on the legislation and was woundering if you would now have a say in its future direction.

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    If you deliberately schedule the AGM for the the 2nd week of June when most professional keepers are up to their eyes in work and then make the venue Stirling about the least accessible location possible for everyone else is it any major surprise that the turn out is abysmal? A cynic might conclude that there is method in the madness.

    As for the low voting response, this is mostly due to the long standing rank and file dissatisfaction with the council and the generally accepted view from the ordinary membership that irrespective of their wishes the encumbant senior managemnet team at BASC will continue to run the organisation first and foremost as their own private members club and then secondly as a representative body for the subscription paying members.

    Those of us who have been with WAGI then BASC have decades of indiffernce and discontentment under our belts. The fact that Neil has finally managed to get himself elected on what is hardly the most dynamic and awe inspiring of tickets with just 1800 votes cast quite rightly shows the level of apathy that abounds within the membership. Perhaps the events at Whitehaven and the subsequent political fall out that legitimate shooters will inevitably pay the price for and the increasing anti hunting and pseudo environmentalist pressure campaign on the use of lead will be enough to stir the interests of the total membership at some point and we have all them engaged with the various debates and agenda's.
    Steve's motion to allow a wider selection of interaction methods to be employed should go a fair way to increasing that necessary membership engagement. As long as it doesn't get buried by the various council members jockeying for position.
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    I should like to be included in amongst those, whose apathy has allowed this condition to flourish, a member since the W.A.G.B.I. sign hung in Watergate st Chester, I hope we all get the chance to wake up & smell the coffee................ it may already be late in the day.

    p.s..... A thought that ocurred to me on the way home, no shooters.... NO B.A.S.C.!
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