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Thread: Boar and Roe buck

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    Boar and Roe buck

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    A couple of good outings for Gary on his first visit
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    nice one Colin thanks for helping my pal achieve a couple of firsts seem we have a luckyrun on the boar 2 outings two boar
    better lucky than JUST good
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    Excellent first trip for me up to Dumfries and Colin's quiet and unspoilt corner of Scotland.
    i had until now never had the opportunity to shoot a Roebuck, in my part of Northamptonshire there are not that many to be found, the dominant species being Fallow and Muntjac.

    My goodd friend Norma308 suggested that I contact the SolwayStalker as this, he assured me, would be an excellent way to stalk my first buck in a traditional manner, in an excellent area and with a guide renowned for producing the goods.

    He was not wrong. Thank you Doug for your sage advice.

    My buck was taken after trying a few areas with no success (although typically if had been stalking does we could have filled the larder !). Colin however is not one to give up easily and we soon spotted a suitable animal in a valley with a trout stream. It was then a case of trying to anticipate the Bucks movement and get ourselves into a position to shoot. This all followed the plan and I soon found myself with the rifle on the sticks with the buck approximately 100- 120 yards away on the other side of the stream. The buck stood broadside and dropped instantly to the shot, sigh of relief and moment of composure before following Colin over the deeper than it looked stream.

    A brilliant experience for me with good company in a beautifull area, what more could you ask for ?

    The boar came as a complete surprise, although I knew Colin had them on his ground in the area and we might come across one, I didn't really expect to have the chance to shoot one.
    Colin had other ideas however and it came to pass that whilst out looking for a Robuck just before dark he spotted a pair of boar feeding in a field bordering a plantation.

    After a bit of staking to close the distance using a dry stone wall for cover, we closed to a suitable distance and using the same wall as a rock steady rest the shot was taken. I must admit to being a bit shell shocked by the experience, it all happened very quickly, but I will remember it forever.

    The other species out of the ordinary that lives on the ground is the goat, however goats being goats like to inhabit the highest ground they can find and on the day allocated for the pursuit of goats a very large body of cloud had also taken up residence on the hill.
    So no goats for me this time, which is a good thing as this gives me an excellent excuse to return as soon as possible !

    Thank you to SolwayStalking, looking forward to my next trip !

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