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Thread: Excellent service from My Fenix (Photon shop)

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    Excellent service from My Fenix (Photon shop)

    Just a public thank you to the Photon shop for sorting me out 2 tail cap rubber boots and a replacement switch for my TK11 which is now 8 yrs old. Called them on Thursday and replacement bits arrived Sat am and TK11 swiftly returned to service. Its been a fantastic bit of kit: small, robust and very reliable torch.


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    Nice to get god service David,by the way I have a lkot of ice cream tubs here for you when you are passing.


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    I know I can go on about it at times - but there are some good guys out there and there's a tendancy ( I include myself ) to go mucho cheap internet etc etc.

    Rob Balzan - the guy behind the Photon shop - was instrumental in getting Fenix here in the uk. He's stood foresquare behind the product and is a mine of information and advice - even if its 'there isnt yet a fenix that does what you want, try X'. If there's any issue he's there and sorts it. Dealt with him for well over a decade and everything has always been next day on the door step.

    Try a comparison with Thrunite that is the current 'gotta have' - nice gear, but zero UK presence/ back-up.

    Really good to see his business get some recognition.
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