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Thread: Working in NZ, firearms?

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    Working in NZ, firearms?

    I'm possibly going to work for a couple of years in NZ and would like to take my firearms with me. Now I know I can get a visitors firearms permit, but thats only for 6 months or a year or so...

    Is it possible to have them with me all the time I am there? What would/should I apply for? I have contacted the NZ authorities, but I'm yet to receive a straight answer.
    Has anyone had experience doing this?

    I can always leave a couple of my main rifles on a friends ticket, and get them down the line, or sell them all and start again once i'm settled, but I am happy with the setups I have already, as you would expect.

    Many thanks

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    Sorry can't give you a answer .. But have thought about moving to New Zealand for a while now myself so I'm interested in the same answers myself ..are you going to be a stalking guide out there working on a deer farm or different work and just want to take your rifles for your own personel shooting?

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    the first question is do you have residency, if yes bring your rifles , apply for a visitors permit at the airport, ( you will not be able to do this on line as you have no return flight) once settled apply for a NZ license. Keep your UK license until you obtain your NZ license, the UK FAD (d&c ? ) will ask you to surrender it as you are out of the country for more than 12 months. This is how I did mine.
    option 2 is to buy rifles while here ( bring your scopes if you like) very easy to do, check out prices at either gun city or better still "hunting and fishing NZ " if you end up in northland call into the whangarei branch I am sure I can find what you want.

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    I will only be on a sponsored work visa to begin with.
    Thanks for the replies

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    No matter what NZ is the most firearm friendly country in the western world,you wont have any problems at all.
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