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Thread: Insuring your guns for international travel

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    Insuring your guns for international travel

    I don't think my household insurance, or my travel insurance will cover my gun.
    So who do you recommend for a one off insurance?
    Just a little concerned my new Blaser might go missing in transit to the states!

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    Look at your travel insurance policy. It might be possible to increase the cover for a Blaser. (Actually isn't it an advantage to get it stolen so you can get a real rifle with the money!!! )


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    All my kit is named on my home insurance both home and any place on the planet for any event inc home load internal exp. did't cost that much more, its with privilege ins .

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    Thanks chaps, i will look into it.

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    My household contents insurance covers 'sports equipment away from the home' but I have got a sporting rifle listed as an extra at no extra cost.
    Not a specific sporting rifle so it covers me for whichever one I would be using at the time.

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    Well a quick update, my automatic renewal came through from Direct Line, of course nobody auto renews do they, so rang them, and was immediately offered a big discount, then i asked about my Blaser for the forthcoming trip to the states, damn that confused them, i tried to explain, just think of it as an expensive watch, 'i will ring you back'.
    30 minutes later, premium back to last years price, and confirmation that i have cover up to 4k included in my premium for my rifle.

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