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Thread: South African export permit (taking your gun to RSA)

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    South African export permit (taking your gun to RSA)


    I know this subject has been done to death on here but I've just returned from hunting in South Africa. I took my own rifle and when I got to the police office in Jo'burg airport I saw not one but two British hunters having a very hard time with the police because they did not have export permits for their firearms obtained from UK Border Force with them.

    When I presented mine an officer took it to them both individually to show what it looks like. I left around 35 minutes later and both were still stuck there arguing. One of the chaps was with a South African PH! Apparently this is still an issue according to the police because of some crappy sporting agents and PH's not giving their clients the required info.

    If you are going to RSA or if you know someone who is going ensure you obtain an export permit to avoid a lot of unnecessary hassle. Follow these instructions :-

    Email the following documents to Telephone number if you have any queries 020 8910 3721

    Copy of the ID page of your passport
    Copy of letter of invitation from the hunting party
    Copy of flight details to and from South Africa
    Copy of the full, valid, firearms certificate
    Details of which firearm(s) and ammo will be exported (and re-imported)

    Your export permit will then be posted to you within a week of applying. Take this document to South Africa. For the record I flew with South African Airlines out of terminal 2 Heathrow, where I was actually asked if I required a permit which could have been issued on the spot. However one of the two guys having problems told me that he flew from Terminal 5 and at no point was offered one.

    Rather than chance getting one issued on your day of departure, follow the above instructions and tell everyone you know going out there that they now require the permit. The South African police in Jo'burg may not be the most friendly, helpful or even competent people you'll ever meet so save yourself some unnecessary hassle!

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    Border force at Heathrow will issue one while you wait but as post confirms better to get it before you go especially if they are busy there could be a delay ,the border force chap I met did ask and was super helpful and new about SA rules ( I all ready had mine ) . In SA they are definitely checking this ,I use henry at rifle permits to sort my saps etc it defo speeds up paperwork and waiting times ...

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