I thought it about time to refresh the DMG Greenfield thread, This stalking area was at great risk of being closed to recreational stalkers due to earlier explanations on here, but this scheme has gone from strength to strength, with new hides & a newer caravan (double glazed even!) & a further expansion of the boundaries, with an addition of another attachment of land in the Clitheroe area, solely due to the great efforts of committee members, this scheme has given stalking to people who would otherwise have no option but to buy days in the commercial arena, the ground in Greenfield is monitored by more than just those who live & work in this area, But a fella who is currently taking the foolish route of poaching in this area is skating on thin ice, his vehicle is known & will soon be further identified properly... leading to a proper ending in an appropriate court, I myself make notes concentrated on any untoward sightings, & make record of vehicle indentations etc when stalking Greenfield.