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Thread: Winchester Silvertip ammo

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    Winchester Silvertip ammo


    i have some silvertip bullets but i have been told not to use them because they will leave a black coating in my barrel
    and it will not come off.
    is this true and should i be using them


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    As far as I know Winchester used a Black coating on some of their ammunition this is lubalox and the bullet is probably a Nosler ballistic tip bullet thisis what Nosler say about it: ...............

    2 Lubalox ®Exterior Coating
    Reduces fouling, pressure and friction between bullet and bore; provides longer barrel life, easier cleaning and enhanced accuracy.
    So they claim easier cleaning it is an oxide finish and not an added on lubicant like Moly coating.

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    I use nosler ballistic silver tips all the time in .308 and 25-06. No problems from the lubalox coating at all. Very easy to clean.

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    I've used them, no problems with fouling/cleaning, found them to be very accurate as well.

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    I have used them in 223, no problems,same point of impact as nosler ballistic tip,both 55grain.

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    Used them in .243 95 grain at 2950fps (43g of Vit 160). Very accurate and very good on Muntjac, Roe and Fallow. Now use the equivalent bullet without the CT (combined technology) lubalox coating, Nosler ballistic tip hunting with purple tip because i can find no difference in performance what so ever, even 1st shot cold barrel, perfect. I also clean if i take 1 shot or 20 so the easier cleaning thing is insignificant. They are also £22.50 for a box of 50 instead of £31 ,or there about, for coated.

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