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Thread: Nightmaster 800 or equivalent

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    Nightmaster 800 or equivalent

    As above looking to purchase something lightweight for solo foxing on a .243. What do you guys recommend, also can they be used for spotting aswel as shooting and what colour pills and range are u finding with these or an equivalent torch. Are the mounts adjustable to the scope.
    thanks ryan

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    Had a nightmaster, got rid of it for a t50 with red and white pill,quarter of the price of a nightmaster and just as good,use the white pill mostly for foxing red for rabbits,had foxes out to 200yds with white,rabbits out to 150 with red,good enough for me.

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    Nightmaster 800 is still the best I have found - but Clulite now offer some products that are close in performance but a lot cheaper, such as the Red Eye at 72. LED Gun Lights - Clulite | Cluson Engineering Ltd.
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    The NM800 is good - but as has been stated you can have lots of different colour Txx torches for similar money.

    I have recently been very impressed with the Tracer F900 - very well designed, is easier to use/change than the NM - and comes as a complete kit, including a well thought out bracket. Well worth a good look. There is a kit that has three LEDs in (red, green, white) and you can add IR easily enough. Somewhere like Scott Country will be able to advise/supply.
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