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Thread: CZ Trigger Guard

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    CZ Trigger Guard

    Im looking for a standard CZ 452 Trigger Guard for a 22LR, Not too worried about condition as long as its complete and not buckled and broken.
    Please send me a pm if you have one knocking around thats cheap and you are willing to sell.


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    Hello fella If you can wait a few weeks I'm in the process of making up some one peace trigger guards made out of t6 grade aluminium. As well as mag wells and extended mag release catches. Also some new style bolt handles. All for 22lr and 17hmr.
    All the best Adrian

    As per pm incase other might be interested

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    Does sound interesting.

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    eBay matey, Edgar Brothers sell one piece blued steel trigger guards. There about 30.

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    I have one from a .22lr American spare, but not all .22's are the same.


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