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Thread: Accuracy International AW + MK11 4-16x50 scope

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    Accuracy International AW + MK11 4-16x50 scope

    As the title says, Accuracy International AW for sale along with AI MK11 4-16x50 scope (genuine Mil spec and not just a PM11 with AI turrets fitted) with folding stock.

    This is rifle is in pristine condition and has fired under 200 rounds since it was bought at the end of the AW production run, it is now for sale to assist in funding a new business venture.

    It is a folding stock with green skins and has the later .338 type muzzle brake as well as a picatinny rail fitted and comes with the AI bipod and a Sporting Services moderator.

    The scope is a genuine Accuracy International 4-16x50 MK11 made by Schmidt & Bender and is fitted to the rifle with an AI angled one piece mount.

    The rifle is for sale as a complete package including drag bag, range mat, cleaning rod, bore guide, cleaning kit and ammunition (for which it is zeroed) so would make an ideal 'turn-key' set up for someone.

    Photos below the serial number has been partially obscured before anyone asks what the marks are on the receiver, bolt and bolt shroud.

    Price for the complete package is 6000 and no tyre kickers please!

    And, before anyone says anything, yes I know Sporting Services are getting a small number of AWs made but the majority of the batch are pre-sold and they won't have them for a while yet this set up is ready to go! They will also cost you a bit more than this if spec'd up the same and with the other kit that's included with the rifle, if you have the cash and a valid FAC you could be shooting this one next weekend!!

    Please send PMs only.

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    I know this is an old advert but did you sell the AW? I have Been looking for a mint one for sometime. Can you let me know? Steve

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