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Thread: Evening lady's & gent from the midlands

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    Evening lady's & gent from the midlands

    Hi Guys

    im from the Midlands love my stalking I shoot 308 & 243

    im not lucky enough to have my own land yet & not enough experience, but I'm learning with every stalk I do.

    ive been to Scotland last 2 years & the biggest stag I've shot to date was a good looking 6 pointer on the hills around Aberfeldy. I've also taken 5 other cull stags whilst up there. My personal opinion is you have to work for something bigger, it's not allabout getting your big fat wallet out & shooting a royal or monarch for me you've not achieved anything by just paying for it.

    Ive also had a few stalks in Oxfordshire with a friend who runs a very good stalking business, I've managed so far 2 Muntjac does & 1 muntjac Buck. & I missed a fallow pricket a month ago 😤

    Ive also been out with mark Robson & shot 2 roe does back in September last year.

    like I said I'm learning all the time & hope to get my DSC1 later this year

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Hi Buddy, welcome to SD. Got a few under your belt then. Glad to see you are thinking of doing Level 1? Its a good grounding .Cheers Jezza

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi Jezza
    yes I've been very lucky so far with people I know & a friend that runs a stalking business. But yes looking forward to getting my 1

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