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Thread: Rws 89 in 222

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    Rws 89 in 222

    Thinking of getting a 222 rem ,my uncle as a rws 89 in new cond only shot 60 rounds ,any body know anything about them, any help most wecome ,thanks steve:-d

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    I am surprised that someone else hasn't answered your question yet dollman but here goes and I stand to be corrected if I am wrong.
    I believe from what I have read elsewhere that these rifles were made for RWS in Japan by the company that makes Howa and Weatherby rifles. I am not entirely certain but if my memory is correct previously they were made for RWS by an Italian company.
    The RWS 89 is reputed to be a good quality rifle with few frills but solid construction.
    Now I will stand back and wait to be corrected.

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    One site I was at says that the RWS 89 is Howa built, indeed. Handsome rifle and it will probably shoot well. My only beef with Howa guns is the trigger assembly. I replace them with Timney triggers if fine shooting is required.~Muir

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    if you no its accurate then snap it up mate

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