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Thread: Just for kicks

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    Just for kicks

    Ok this is a picture of my work bench
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Which rifle should I buy next, one for bush hunting, one for target, and one for fun. I already have a 77/22, and a kimber in 270, remember this is NZ so semi centre fire are included.

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    Ruger mini 14 if you're after a semi.

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    AR platform - have some (dare I say) fun
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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    When I was in NZ we went goat shooting and I used a mini 14 handy as they were pretty tough and didn't want to fall over.
    where is that shop?

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    For fun?, SAW, ... M249 | M249 SAW |
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    +1 on the sig ��

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    A 338 Lapua to reach out there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by srvet View Post
    A 338 Lapua to reach out there!
    +1 with a twist

    because you're worth it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by takbok View Post
    Ruger mini 14 if you're after a semi.
    Yuck! I've had three of them. Unhappy with all of them.~Muir

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