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Thread: Rimfire Mod on Centrefire 22.

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    Rimfire Mod on Centrefire 22.

    As above, anybody done it? How "interesting" was it?


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    Iv seen a sak mod on a .22 hornet but then they are rated up to .22 hornet according to their website but I wouldn't like to think I was putting one on anything bigger

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    Would thier construction cope with the much larger gas volume and pressure at the muzzle than that were intended to handle?

    Maybe the old all steel Parker-Hale moderator might survive but the question remains how long for?

    The more I read about moderators and the problems they cause the more sceptical about them I become.

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    Having worked in a gun shop in the past, I've seen people try putting rimfire mods on their 22-250's and 222's - usually the mod just splits or gas-cut's on the first shot and becomes un-useable.
    A stainless rimfire mod could in theory prove dangerous if the gas wasn't able to escape or be dispersed in time.
    I'd strongly recommend against anyone trying it. It's pretty much asking to lose an appendage!

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    I am too much of a coward to try it. Just curiosity in this particular case.


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    Been running a SAK (the version with the outer sleeve and a one piece inner) on my 18" barrel .222

    Works well
    very light
    disposable and at 30 ridiculous value

    would I run it on a .22-250?
    but the .222 is 20gr of powder and certainly not enough to pop a 2.5mm outer sleeve

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    30 quid!!!! How effective is it? How long does it last?


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    Rimfire mod after 26 shots on a 24" .222rem.

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    Never tried it, but have been warned against it.

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    well it works as well as most of the 200 ones
    still working
    it was gas cut when I got in 2nd hand and doesn't seem to have eroded much more
    cheap solution to a simple problem as far as I am concerned

    I had a custom one made to my design
    still needs a bit of work internally to the baffle design
    I reckon I can shave another 50-60gr off this

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