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Thread: Wellie boot repair

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    Wellie boot repair

    Anybody used one of these ?



    I've been repairing wellies with other solutions for years, but these look easy to use and hardly visible.

    Want to use it for small holes and soles coming loose from the body.

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    Yes. Used some Stormsure adhesive and a patch to fix quite a large tear on the instep of my Grub boots - was sceptical it would hold but been fine so far. I filled the hole with adhesive and let it go off. Then I applied a patch and smeared glue around the edges to hold it secure. Dry feet ever since and I wear them most of the time when I'm working outside. I need to glue a sole on my Rohan shoes back together too, come to think of it - must get the glue out of the freezer (it's where they recommend you keep it)

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    I've used Stormsure on both wellies and waders, good stuff and dry feet

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