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Thread: Brenneke TUG bleifrei/leadfree 147gr 9.5g .308

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    Brenneke TUG bleifrei/leadfree 147gr 9.5g .308

    Has anybody tried the above bullets? Or any of the other Brenneke torpedo bullets

    The TUG are a steel clad, tin cored, partition design bullet for those that have not come across them.


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    I was given a box And a half of these in the 173gn in 7x65r loaded into RWS ammo - before they split away. Reds react as if they have been hit by a 209 ton dumper truck. Picked up and then dropped dead on the floor. I have half a box left. They shoot to the same point of impact as my 139gn home load so am rationing them for large red stags.

    They are expensive.

    i haven't used the lead free version though.
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    Back in the days of yore I had a German client who used the TIG (Torpedo Ideal Bullet) in his 7x64 - it's the light/moderate game version of the TUG.

    He shot a young roebuck and although the shooting position wasn't ideal, I saw a perfect 120m side-on strike in the boiler house through the binos, with the animal stiff-legged and just about to fall over. Before I could say 'well done' he let another one off and, as the buck had turned slightly three-quarter on and facing us, it hit the point of the shoulder (he later said it was what he had been taught to do - shoot until they go down!).

    When I had a chance to skin the animal out later I found that the damage was incredible - the bullet had destroyed the nearside shoulder, with fragments mashing the offside one, then the remaining mushroomed rear section travelled the length of the spine, deflected on the pelvis and ended up in the knee joint from whence I retrieved it! Not a lot of meat left but the retained mass of the recovered bullet was quite impressive given the amount of carcase it had passed through.

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    There's a difference between the TIG and TUG bullet. The TUG is harder, with deeper penetration and made for heavier game.
    The TIG is very popular in 7x64 for game out of the 7 mm class. The TUG was loaded in the 9,3x64 ( and others) wich is the German sister of the 375 H&H .
    I've used the 181 grain TUG bullet in a 300 Win Mag and was very pleased. No experience with the leadfree version.

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    I have just acquired a couple of boxes of 25 to try. Yes I agree most expensive I have bought. Hoping I can work up a load very efficiently!


    ps Thank you for the responses!
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    Where do you get the TUG bullets to work up a load?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heym SR20 View Post
    Where do you get the TUG bullets to work up a load?
    PM sent


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