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Thread: Sako .17 reminington semi custom with krieger barrel

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    Sako .17 reminington semi custom with krieger barrel

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	70725Thinking of selling my rifles as time isnt there anymore. But thought i would sell this one first.
    The rifle comes with a cm6 moderator, brass, bullets, everything you need to home load including dies.

    Its a fantastic rifle and multi use which is why i bought it

    would like to get 750 for job lot but will break if someone just wants rifle etc

    face to face only please

    please pm for further details or phone number

    i also have a parker hale .222 with varmit barrel great little rifle

    and a bsa monarch in .270 recently floated barrel with wild cat mod incase anyone is interested please pm for details plus picks.

    And again everything you need to home load including powders and reloading equipment

    sorry to lump everything together but wanted to save space and keep adverts to min.

    Chris stephens
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    Sorry forgot to add picture, anyway it's based on a sako s491 with a varmite barrel 18mm at muzzle with a m16 thread for mod
    strange size I know but bought blank mod from a guy on here and had them done at same time. As there was no way I was getting a half inch thread cut on that barrel lol as it would of looked stupid.

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    Hi Chris could you tell me the round count on the 17?

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    Hi sbruce I have put about 300 to 350 rds through it mostly rabbits, foxes and bullet development nothing to strenuous.

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    Who re barrelled the 17rem?

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    Struggling to find that one sorry his name was Chris and I picked the rifle up from Kent when I bought it. Had it checked out by my guy and he passed it all and he builds all sorts of rifles anyway sorry not to be overly helpful

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    How much for just the 17 rem and mod. Not interested in anything else. PM me the price.

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