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Thread: Long shot! Aya 25 sidelock replacement stock

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    Long shot! Aya 25 sidelock replacement stock

    Hi All

    Before I have to pay an extortionate price, does anyone have or know to anywhere I can get a replacement Aya 25 sidelock stock?

    Kind regards


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    There is a company in Portugal I think that makes stocks to order, the net is your friend !!!!!

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    What have they quoted you? It may, in reality, be cheaper to buy a new to you secondhand AYA sidelock? Stocking any sidelock is going to start at 1500. Holt's have a couple often in their sales and Southam's Gavin Gardiner etc..

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    you are far far better buying a 25 at auction - there are 'unfashionable' and there are loads around and you can regulalry get a 7 or 8 /10 condition gun for 500 - 750 - I would suggest a stock will always be more than that unless you are very lucky - Another stock is unlikely to go straight on the gun without heading up.

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    I've been given the option to buy a mint 25 really cheap but with a cracked stock which is a real shame because its probably the best piece of wood i've seen on an AYA. I was just seeing what was out there to see if it was economical to restock it. Looking at some of the prices unfortunately its not. If i could get the stock that is already on it replicated using one of the router duplication jigs i would quite happily finish the rest by hand.



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    Don't walk away from it if its really cheap and otherwise its in condition and you really like it. Where is the crack? Modern epoxy glues can work wonders and a broken stock can be repaired, indeed its perfectly possible to put a brass or steel pin down the length of the hand. I have an old English side by side that must at one stage have had a major break across the hand of the stock. It has been well repaired, with two pieces of walnut inlet into the hand - these have then be re-checkered and are almost invisible. If you are happy to refinish then you should be happy do some repair work. No it won't be mint, but you will still have a lovely piece of wood and a gun that will shoot well.

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    I had a very similar issue with my Ugartechea S/S - The stock split so the smith glued it and that lasted all of about 10 shots before it went again.

    Then my old man tried drilling in some metal supports and re-gluing it all and that held up pretty well for a good few months but sadly it started coming apart again.

    I think this was seen as some sort of challenge by my dad (who is somewhat a Leonard da Quirm type, and has been known to stop doing a job to design a better tool to do the job with!) so he ended up making a copper sleeve, bolting that on and gluing everything up again with even more metal supports and screws hidden inside.

    It now looks like this, which I think is actually pretty cool and kinda steampunk looking!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I am at present advertising for a replacement stock for my ZKK .243. (Very nice repair by your Dad stubear) an engineer I should have done similar. Instead I sanded the wrist where it cracked, then opened the crack and filled it with a cascamite type wood glue and clamped it for a couple of days to dry.
    I revarnished the wrist and while still wet,wound a thin nylon cord around it and varnished again, like they used to do with fishing rod eyes and golf clubs, when dry, I then covered the repair with electrical tape. Its holding perfectly and very strong,but I'm looking forward to get a new stock for it. john.

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    I've been given the option to buy a mint 25 really cheap but with a cracked stock
    SAB, How much is that really cheap?

    I've looked at Holt's and these are the last few that they've had:

    Full Details for Lot 2817A

    Full Details for Lot 1415

    Full Details for Lot 1409

    Full Details for Lot 1417

    Full Details for Lot 1405

    Full Details for Lot 1434

    Full Details for Lot 1462

    Your gun would have to be, well, about 100 to even see it's value. But if you call ASI the AYA importers they will give you a price fpr a replacement stock. Mind, be sitting down!

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    Couple of thoughts - I don't know if any body has a replication router in the UK specifically set up for gunstocks, but do remember that AyAs were and are pretty much hand built so that the stock on one won't necessarily fit another. Restocking by hand requires time and skill. Restocking a boxlock is 2,000 plus. Can you you use a 3D scanning system with an accurate 3d CNC mill.

    If you have it restocked you can have it stocked for you. An expensive gun perhaps, but still substantially cheaper than new, considering that a new AyA Boxlock starts at 3,500.

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