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Thread: Tikka l/h 22250

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    Tikka l/h 22250

    I am thinking of selling my tikka m595 left handed in 22250 it's blued barrel screw cut with jet z moderator good condition can be sold gun and mod or with the scope Swarovski 6/18/50 tds4 and optilock mounts shoots well I am just going to use the 1 big rifle rather than 2 what's it worth any ideas before I put a price on it

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    About 3, and I'll have it now please......

    Sorry, can't give a reasonable price because I'm biased, if it's at the right price I would like it without the scope!


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    My local gun shop was selling a tidy LH Tikka 595 22/250 for 425 (now gone) and a less tidy Tikka 590 22/250 one for 395 (still there). I bought a mint 222 595 off them for 425, it was so good I decided to live with the fact it was RH even though I'm a leftie!!


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    Hi When I traded my 595 22-250 in I received 365 for it. Its still for sale at 650 with t8 mod. Hope that helps.

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    Gun and mods got to be worth 550 then there is a scope on it so can be tried

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    Sold pending payment for the gun scopes still available Swarovski 6/18/50 tds4 and have box with instructions etc

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