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Thread: Wanted Enfield No 4T or L42A1 with chest

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    Wanted Enfield No 4T or L42A1 with chest

    I in the market for either a Enfield No 4T or L42A1 with chest and associated bits.

    Any reasonably priced ones out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by newbie69 View Post
    Any reasonably priced ones out there?
    So far as a genuine 4(T) with chest and associated bits .... well there are maybe slightly more examples 'out there' at slightly lower prices than there are undiscovered mint Ferrari 250 GTOs turning up each month.

    You need to talk to the Enfield and historic specialist dealers and scope outline prices to see if you can afford either model in the first place. If that applies, then get yourself onto these guys' waiting lists alongside or more likely behind all the other hopefuls.

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    Two in Holt's June/July Sale.

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    Reasonably priced ones tend to be phonies and not originals. Genuine 100% straight ones usually sell for silly money so BEWARE.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Devises Gunsmith specialises in enfields etc

    he has a Transit Chest for the L42A1 1450 this is Just the Chest no gun or bits

    and regularly has the rifles

    Full Bore, Service and Sniper Rifles for Sale - Devizes Gunsmith

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    Kirk Emmeridge at By Sword and Musket is another one to try: He is good to deal with, I have a nice Swedish Mauser from him.

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