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Thread: 30 06 bullet weights

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    30 06 bullet weights

    hello guys

    I was just after some info on what weight of bullet people are using through a 30 06 for fallow red and sika


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    Any bullet from 130 grains up to 200+ that holds together when expanding. All will do a proper job on any UK deer if driven at appropriate speeds. If you worry about recoil stay at the lighter end & get flatter trajectory out to sensible ranges. If you don't mind recoil, heavier bullets buck the wind better.
    I currently use Barnes TTSX 150 grains. Have previously used the 130 grain version which also does the job very well. For short range my rifle likes the 180 grain round nose soft points & the terminal effects are very satisfying with loads of knock down power.


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    Thanks for the replys gents

    Recoil is not an issue im 18stone so can take a hit

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    What would a 150gr 30 06 bullet be like on roe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorric View Post
    heavier bullets buck the wind better
    Heavier bullets don't 'buck' the wind better. It's all about time of flight - whichever bullet takes less time to get to the target drops and drifts less. Velocity and BC determines the trajectory and wind drift.

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    Here is a 180 Grains federals effect on a yearling a high shoulder shot exit side not very nice.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    If your using factory ammunition then I find 165 RWS DKs do the job very well in mine.

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    I only use 180gn in most of my 30 06's . I use balistic tips for animals up to about 180kg & prefer Barnes X up to about 350kg. I sight in for the balistic tips for little deer like fallow & English reds & the barnes still shoot to "minute of sambar & elk" without any adjustment. Too simple?

    I have choices, but the 30 06 is still the best "all round" deer caliber using 180 gn projectiles.

    If I wanted to shoot a 150gn pill I'd just use a 270 not a 30 cal.
    "Men Who Stare at Deer."

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    I use 150gn Sierra Game kings for all Deer and Sierra 180 round nose soft point or Winchester 220gn Super X power point for Boar
    Neither bullet does too much meat damage if placed in the engine room.

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