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Thread: 1st Trip to Stalking Lease, Ayrshire, Scotland

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    1st Trip to Stalking Lease, Ayrshire, Scotland

    Guys thought I would do a right up of my 1st Trip to my new stalking lease in Ayrshire, Scotland...

    I arrived in Scotland having travelled from West Sussex with a friend on Tuesday the 25th May, my first port of call was I had to undergo a quick FC shooting test, basically identical to the DSC1 shooting test however slightly simplified, having put several shots through paper and satisfied the needs of the FC Ranger he was happy to pass me for that, slightly surprising that they still require this when you have DSC1 and DSC2 however it's what they want so suppose just have to live with it...

    So off to the 2,500 acre lease an hour North of our current location... En route we passed Carminnows Estate, which as some may remember well for a large amount of negative press on here... However we stayed away so can add no further to that... What was noticed that along one of the nearby roads, was a herd of wild goats, and a couple of very large billy's reminded me of some of the pictures i have seen on here, a very nice sight to add to our picturesque journey...

    So having stopped off at the B & B, which was also very nice and ideal as they are used to stalkers and also have there own estate larder and chiller which made storing our carcasses very easy... We headed off to the ground, up a quiet track and with several sheep gates to open we got to the forest entrance...

    It is always good when you get to a new lease and the first thing you see is a Roe Doe browsing just 60m up the forest edge whilst opening the gate, immediate confidence and was very relieving...

    We decided that it would be good to have a drive up and down the two main forest tracks that run through the forest to get a feel for the place as it was still quite early about 15:30...

    Even though it was early you could tell that the forest was fairly undisturbed in recent times as we soon saw another Roe Doe grazing along the middle of the forest track that moved off slowly as we moved down the track in the car...

    Then coming towards the end of the track we came to a small clearing with a stream in the bottom of this small valley, there stood alone was a young Roe Buck, we managed to reverse back up the track and around the corner with the Buck obviously surprised and intrigued as to our presence however clearly not to worried by the car, I then got the rifle out and snuck back round the corner and shot the Buck off sticks at about 70m with a heart/lung shot with the .243AI Sako 75 with a Nosler BT 70 Grain... The Buck ran some 30 meters and then fell over motionless...

    I then gralloched the Buck and hung him in a tree ready for later collection...

    I then had a few bites to eat, and planned my route for the evening stalk, my plan was to cover as much ground as possible just to get a general feel for the ground and see whats what...

    I decided to stalk one of the larger valleys with a stream running through the middle, the valley was extremely lush so expected it to be popular with deer especially at this time of year trying to recover from the harsh winter...

    I stalked slowly and then paused for several minutes at various intervals along the valley in areas that I thought may well hold deer...

    Coming around one corner, I glassed a Roe Doe grazing along one of the valley banks and then heading down to the lash grass by the stream in the bottom of the Valley...

    Having watched the Doe for a few minutes she was quite happily feeding just the other side of an old stone building so I thought it would be nice to try and stalked as close as I could to her behind this obstacle, having reached the wall derelict building I popped my head armed with the camera over the wall and got her attention... Of course at first she was surprised that I had just popped up and took a while to make out what I was...

    She then bounded off up the valley and away managed to get a couple of nice shots on her way...

    I then carried on moving along the valley and came to the next corner, I sat up on a high side of the bank and glassed the valley could see about 300 meters until the next bend so was a nice spot... Then quickly from behind a lone small fir in the middle of the valley appeared a young Roe Buck grazing away from me, this was shortly joined by a young Roe Doe coming in from the left as you look... After several minutes the Roe Buck eventually turned broadside having used the built in rangefinder on the Leica's, i ranged it at 195m so new a couple of inches above 100m zero would be smack on, the prone shot was taken and the Buck jumped and ran front legs scrabbling for the forest edge, again was very happy with the shot and shot reaction however as always just gave him a few minutes to make sure all was good... Whilst this was happening the surprised young Doe moved up and down the forest edge looking for the buck she can be seen in the far left hand side of the picture below...

    Then a picture of the young Buck...

    Then I gralloched the Buck and had the pleasure of carrying him near on 1200 m up hill back out of the valley, mental note stalk up hill so you carry down hill not the other way around...

    Having dropped off the Buck at the track I headed for a long walk around the other side of the main track after winding my way around many rides I came through a thick bit of fir to a small ride, when a young buck came out about 80m down and starred straight at me, I stood very still and got my home made quad pod sticks up and rifle slowly into them, scope caps up and squeeze, I then saw the Buck roll back on itself with a perfect neck shot, a few kicks and then nothing, I paused for a few minutes and then moved forward...

    I then carried the beast out and stopped off en route at a fantastic valley and took another photo as the sun set before the final part of the extraction process of the Buck on my back...

    The next morning we were to say the least slightly slow out of bed and apart from a grazing roe doe, I just took a couple more pictures and we headed back to the B & B for a nice Scottish Breakfast...

    That evening I again tried to cover as much ground as possible, again finding some very nice long wide rides along the way that when armed with quad bike etc will provide some very nice areas to stalk right until last light...

    Again I managed to stalk into about 30m of this mature Roe Doe grazing in a valley bottom...

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    Just a quick question. Does your FC lease says you can shoot vermin/foxes? Just curious.


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    Looks like you have got a good lease there Alex.


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    what was that doe jumping on, a trampoline ha ha
    looks like your a lucky man with some lovely views.
    hope it yields some good results mate.

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    I get more and more jealous every time I come onto this site!

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    Looks like a cracking piece ground I bet it looked a bit different 4 months ago.

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    what a write up and some fantastic views mate. very jealous indeed

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    Nice read fella,that looks a cracking bit ground you got there.

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    great stuff, lovely looking lease mate and good going

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    the wild goats you saw are probably escapees from Carminnows but they deny any ownership regarding any damage the goats, and the escaped wild boar, do locally.

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