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Thread: Any recommendations for "budget" scope for 17HMR?

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    Any recommendations for "budget" scope for 17HMR?

    Hello all, I am waiting on my variation for a 17HMR to replace the 22LR mainly for rabbits, but also for crows, the odd fox and general vermin use.

    I want to be able to dial elevation and windage for longer shots and want a higher mag e.g 6-24 or similar. The budget for new scope is 400 ish and prefer 30mm tubes. Mainly for day light use and occasionally with the lamp, for dedicated night use I will fit my Photon NV. I like to have an illuminated reticle.

    I have looked at Nikkostirling diamond long range 6-24X50, but not owned a Nikko scope for many years and wondered if any owners out there can comment on build and optic quality etc.? I like the return to zero and other features on this scope.

    The new range of Hawke scopes look good, but the adjustable turret scopes (side winder) seem more suited to air rifles.

    Any feedback on the Nikko or any other suggestions based on the above would be welcome please.


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    Not what many would recommend, but my fall back scope for 4 years now has been
    a NS mountmaster 6x40 , holds its zero, clear enough for crows and bunnies 150yd and more,
    dosent seem to suffer from flare from the lamp

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    Thanks Joe, appreciated. Yep my spec is over the top but keen to have a play and stretch the 17 HMR.

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    A Vortex Viper 6-24x50 is about 550 on Opticswarehouse but you can get it for a 50% deposit and then interest free for the next 12 months (about 22 a month). It's a very good scope and will serve you for many years and you can move it onto a bigger rifle in time if you so wish. I've currently got one on a .22 and another on a .243

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    There's a MTC Genesis 5-20x50 for sale on here. I've got one, it came with a HMR and it was spot on. Great with NV add on too. I've sold the HMR and the scope sits on my 22 now. Not bad for the money..

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    hawke 6-24 x 56 is what i use on the HMR pretty good match just watch how high you need to mount it due to teh 56mm Objective

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    hi paul,

    On my 17 i have a nikko 4-16 x 50 scope - works a treat. Anything similar (eg Hawke) would also do and dont worry about recoil, as most springers will damage scopes more than any rimfire.
    The parallax adjustment is useful as you will find yourself shooting anything from 30m to 200+m away, so you will want a nice crisp image. My longest shot with this scope has been 220m head shot on a bunny, hardest was 150m+ headshot on a pigeon, so it can cut the mustard.

    Just think about the overall weight and size of the scope, tho, as a 17 is not a big rifle, so any really large scope will impact on the overall balance of the rifle, esp if you have a moderator on it.


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    Vortex Viper if you can afford it, excellent scope does everything you require and more.


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    Thanks everyone, some good advice and much to think about whilst I wait for the variation. 8-10 weeks according to Hampshire firearms dept.

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    Bushnell Legend , got one on my 243 for the last 5 years very, very happy with it .

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