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Thread: Stalking North Yorkshire october

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    Stalking North Yorkshire october

    Hello everyone!
    I will be visiting lovely North Yorkshire and RAF Leeming in october and have saturday 8 october and 15-16 october free for some stalking. I am a swedish citizen and I wont be bringing my own gun. If someone can offer me stalking (with borrowed gun) with or without guide I would very much like to get in contact with you. Please inbox me or give me contact details in a reply here. Thank you!

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    john robinson ,,,aka yorkshireroe stalking,you tube it ..there are others liddledales,,,around there as well,atb doug,,,,,ps not sure if you know the site rules state to make an introduction before posting ,,just an heads up before you get pulled up,,

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    Hi Swestalker. Welcome to SD and PM sent..

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