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Thread: Hesitating on the shot...

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    Hesitating on the shot...

    Hi guys,

    I'm not deer stalking yet but do a lot of fox shooting with a 222.

    I often find myself hesitating before a shot, which often means the charlie gets away.

    Things that are putting me off:
    Is the shot safe
    Charlie is moving
    Charlie appears not where i expected meaning needing to adjust position
    Bullet path obscured by long grass mean i need to move

    When i shoot prone or kneeling with long bipods i can reliably hit a 3 inch gong at 200 yards. This is obviously relaxed and when i'm comfy.

    When on a charlie I hesitate much more as i've only got 1 shot that needs to be 100%. When out rabbit shooting with the 22lr semi auto i am much more successful as I'm not putting so much pressure on myself to ensure the first shot is perfect as i'll have 9 follow up shots available.

    I know i can quickly cycle the bolt and fire off a second but i completely loose sight picture briefly (i keep my mag down on minimum 4.5x), which then once again forces me to ensure my first shot is bang on.

    What practice can i do to improve myself? Myself and my shooting buddy both have the same problem so all we can think of is placing maybe 10 clays at random distances and at different angles and then taking it in turns to call one out for the other to quickly 'get on to' and shoot.

    What tips have you guys got to get over the hesitation before pulling the trigger?

    Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillips321 View Post
    What tips have you guys got to get over the hesitation before pulling the trigger?

    Thanks in advance
    Experience will be the main thing that lets you evaluate a shot more quickly....and there are few short cuts to gaining that other than practice.

    Also don't think that a bit if hesitation is necessarily a bad thing; the reasons you give for "hesitating" are in no ways unreasonable.

    Remember that any idiot can send a bullet on its way down the barrel, but the genius isn't yet born who can call it back.
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    See that " Target evaluation period" Pillip you mention. Never rush it.. Let common sense prevail over production..

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    I wouldn't be so hard on yourself - none of the reasons you give represent hesitation, moreover a healthy restraint.

    As Willie pointed out, you can't recall that triple 2 once it's on it's way - the distances you rabbit at with the LR will be considerably less than the Ctr Fire resulting in a lot less variables between you and the target.

    Manys a time stalking and foxing I've come back without getting a shot off and, over time, it becomes easier to understand why. You are exercising caution when what you are sending has an effective range of 5 or miles - nothing wrong with that - you're also respecting your quarry to ensure a definite outcome - nothing wrong with that either.

    If if you feel it's becoming a habit or issue, perhaps reduce the range your shooting at to a comfortable point (set up a hide or such like to get closer or get off the ground into a high seat) then work up your yardage in stages as your confidence grows
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    Being safe is hardly a problem. Never having an accident when shooting is pretty desirable. Don't worry.


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    It's only natural to take your time over a shot. What helps is going through the shot process many many times in your mind. Visualise it whenever you get a chance - in the shower, at your desk on the train. Indeed when you are out and about look at objects and assess whether or not they are a safe shot. Visualisation helps in any stressful situation. Also know your ground well and get to know where and where not are the safe shot places.

    I pulled away from a shot on a large dog fox we have after for a while. It was a straightforward 100 ish or so yard shot. But he was on the skyline so no safe shot. I personally find a get a lot more stressed over a shot at a fox than a deer.

    The ten clays idea is an excellent idea - put some though in non ideal positions. No need to actually fire all the time - gets expensive - just dry fire with an unloaded rifle - really improves your technique - is it still perfect on target after the shot?

    And ignore the second shot or any thought of a rapid reload - make the first shot count.
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    Passage of time "On the job", (experience), no substitute or quick way around it.
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    I'm not sure why you have your mag set to 4.5? Wind it up a bit and you target will grow in size obviously. You can clearly shoot if you're hitting a 3" circle at 200 yards so I think that you just need to have more confidence in your ability and stop worrying about missing so much. You're not going to miss so stop thinking that you might. I don't think that your hesitation has anything to do with the 9 follow up shots but more to do with a subconscious feeling that missing a rabbit doesn't matter so much.
    Basically, get a grip of yourself, stick that cross hair on the chest and squeeze the trigger. The fox WILL fall over. You're behaving like a beginner when you're not!
    I am not saying that you should stop being careful or anything like that though. Just be more confident in your obviously ample ability to shoot foxes at way beyond 200 yards!

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    Nothing wrong you will find your confidence will grow with experience

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    Try to do as much of the evaluation as you can before you get down behind the rifle and take aim, that way there is less to think about when preparing to shoot. But experience will help and vigilance is never a bad thing.

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