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    Lens covers

    I have a ziess terra 3-1250 what size butler creek covers will I require


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    not sure what size but google it and theres a chart on their site,same with bushwackers,ant supplies do some as well,

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    just measure the objective lense and have a look on the Butler creek site for the correct size

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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker39 View Post
    I have a ziess terra 3-1250 what size butler creek covers will I require

    I thought the Terra was 4-12 x 50?

    As others have said, it's pretty easy to work out.

    Looking at the Zeiss Terra 3X 4-12x50 specifications (ZEISS TERRA 3X Riflescopes - Simple and robust | ZEISS Deutschland) the eyepiece tube diameter is 41mm and the objective tube diameter is 60mm.

    From Butler Creek's Scope Chart (, and presuming you are going for the flip-open model, that would suggest a #14 for the eyepiece and a #44 for the objective.

    I'd order a couple of sets, given that Butler Creek covers have a habit of self-destructing!
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    cheers willie i still cant fathom the link thing !!!!

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    I suggest you don't even consider a Butler creek, go bush wackers or if cheap and chearfull then get them froms Ramsbottoms only a couple of quid and see through.


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    Hi after yet another Butler creek fail .I went and got some Vortex covers a tad more expensive but brillant quality.Vortex is the way forward

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