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Thread: Burris Signature 30mm Mounts High No 420587

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    Burris Signature 30mm Mounts High No 420587

    Hi all,

    Don't suppose anyone has a set of the above in excellent condition languishing in a drawer they want shot of? Just tried to fit a 56mm scope to a rifle and with the Medium mounts the *&$% thing touches the barrel!

    Could do a swap with a set of Mediums No 420588 in that's of interest?

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    Think I have a set of extra high?

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    Thanks for the kind offer but no thanks - I've recently sold a couple of sets of these - I bought them as highs but they turned out to be extra highs!

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    Not sure what I have lurking in my 'collection' of Signature Zees. I will have alook later and get back to. Swap seems reasonable if I have a set.

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    I might have a new pair if you don't have any joy.


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