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    I've just found a spare copy of the deer stalking handbook by Graham downing in my collection In great condition. Free of charge Inc pp. However you must put a couple quid in a charity box.
    Idealy I'd like this book to go to a newbie.

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    Yes please weeman , not exactly a newbie ( and not a pro either lol)but I'm still learning/ willing to learn,

    ive got one on roe that I've just finished, that I'm willing to pass on FOC to a newbie if that helps,



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    second dibs please been a member for a while but sort o a newbie to der stalking having only shot one buck last season but it will be a never forgotten buck as it was the first ever I have shot but what made it better was it was the first on my new permission and the first time I had fired my new to ruger .243 with my first home loaded round

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