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Thread: Larsen Traps

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    Larsen Traps

    Excuse my ignorance gents, but when using a Larsen trap.... How do you get the bait bird?!?! I have done the Google search things and either I'm missing something or blind, but everything starts from 'put the call bird in the trap....'


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    You might be able to find someone else in your area who has already caught one otherwise you need to put some food in the trap to try and entice one in, a dead rabbit or a few eggs with one broken seem to work well

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    You need to find someone nearby who has a spare bird

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    There lies the problem that many have had to face Deano, and it's a problem that the manufacturers of the traps don't tell you. Quite simple if you don't have a friend who has a Larsen that is already catching that you can get a live bird from you will have to use your own Larsen Trap to catch your call bird.
    The way that I start my season off is to put a "nest" of hay etc in the catch area of my Larsen and put a few hens eggs in it and then set the door ready to catch any magpie that decides that eggs would make a nice meal for it. Once you have your call bird transfer it into the "call bird section" of your trap and make sure that you take care of it - Fresh food and water each day, a cover over it to protect it from the rain etc. And remember that you are legally required to check your larsen trap at least once every 24 hours.
    Many others will use different "baits" in their Larsens to catch their first call bird but eggs always seem to work fairly well for me.

    Good luck mate!

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    I don't like having callbirds outside in traps in March because of the weather, but in other years, I have taken ages to catch the first one with baits once there is more natural food about in April. Eggs and rabbits have never worked quickly for me. This year, I put out some bait in about the third week in March, as it was mild, and caught a pair of magpies next morning. I used lumps of frozen raw tripe from a petfood supplier. I've supplied callbirds to a couple of SD members this year. The small birds are now singing away after raising their first clutches, so I'll be dispatching the last of the callbirds today. The number of magpies I am catching is decreasing a little each year. N.B. I find that the callbirds don't drink anything if fed on the tripe, and last all season.
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    Thanks gents. Much as I though. Luckily a mate has come through with a call bird so will avoid the problem this year.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Deanot2000 View Post
    Thanks gents. Much as I though. Luckily a mate has come through with a call bird so will avoid the problem this year.

    If you strike lucky and catch a few please pm me and let me know, I could really do with a call bird. Hopefully you are not too far away from me.

    Good luck



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    I have one you can have and prehaps you can reciprocate with Deano when you catch. Could meet you have way if need be. PM your contact details


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    I'm hopefully getting a call bird this weekend so should be up and running soon.

    I'm unfortunately out of the country in Sweden as of Sunday night until Friday but if we manage to bag one I will get my other half to email me and I'll post on here. Anyone in the local area who is interested can come and grab it rather than it getting the chop immediately (we're in a small village 4 miles west of Hereford town center).

    Fingers crossed!

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    We've managed to bag a couple already! One is accounted for by a mate but I have one more MAGPIE going for anyone who can collect with a suitable humane container.
    I live just outside Hereford and my other half is happy to hand over to any member who is interested.

    I'm currently in Sweden but have access to emails frequently so pm me for details.



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