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Thread: CZ511 extractor problem

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    CZ511 extractor problem

    My CZ511 developed extractor problem: bullets cannot be ejected by pulling the bolt backwards.
    I think the extractor might be brocken but wonder why as the rifle has not been fired much.
    If the extractor is brocken anyway, I wonder if I would be able to find a replacement one.
    Thanks, Mike

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    Are you sure the extractor is broken? I have a BRNO 581, forerunner of the 511. To all intents and purposes they are almost the same rifle. The bolt assembly is easy to strip down, just by drifting out some retaining pins. You can then give the entire bolt and components a good clean. The CZ website has 511 manual/parts diagram that you can download to show every step. Unfortunately both 511/581 spares are getting ever more difficult to source so you might have to trawl the net worldwide. Firstly I would give Norman Clark of Rugby a call. I have called him on the off chance of BRNO spares on several occasions with success. Failing that look to Holts' auctions, 511/581s come up for sale minus magazines, broken bolt assemblies, cracked stocks etc. They can be a great source for spares.

    Good luck

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    Thanks a lot Oracle,
    I did disassembled the bolt and indeed the extractor is only a half of what it should be; the front part that shows from the chanel is missing. So I definitely am on the trail of a spare extractor. I will check Norman Clark. I also thought of acquiring another 511/581 for parts but I guess to do so i need to apply for another slot on my FAC. Or is it possible to obtain a 'broken' gun without it being recorded on the FAC?

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    I haven't has mine apart in a while but I think an extractor wouldn' t be too hard to make, irrc.~Muir

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    If Norman Clark can't help I got one for a ZKK Brno from Edgar Brothers..john

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    Thanks again for your responses guys.
    I will check EB next week as well. It is not impossible to make the extractor but not me ... has to be someone skilled. Hopefully I will be able to find a replacement.
    I wonder though what could cause the extractor to brake; in my case it is all the front half gone, and the rest apears as if cut quite cleanly. Surely nobody has cut that part by purpose as the gun has always been with me.

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