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Thread: Grease for bolt lugs?

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    Grease for bolt lugs?

    Can folk advise? I had a small tube of grease for lubricating the bolt lugs on my rifles, but I've lost it. What grease do folk recommend I buy to replace it?

    Thanks JCS

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    Spud uses "bolt grease"?.....

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    Lucas Red n Tacky, used it for years.

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    Shooter's Choice seems pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John_R View Post
    Shooter's Choice seems pretty good.
    Works for me too!

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    Dry moly.
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    I just a molybdenum sulphide gun grease which you should get at any dealer. I have a tub that is many years old and still going strong. Failing that bike shop should have moly grease - same stuff. Or a dry lube for bike chains would also work and have the added benefit of not holding dirt which grease will do.

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    Good old fresh air, & a dry clean rag.
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