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Thread: Rabbit livers with spots

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    Rabbit livers with spots

    I shot a few rabbits tonight, a couple of them, half/three quarter grown had these flecks in their livers. I've not seen them on rabbits before, I'd appreciate any thoughts as to what they are.

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    Have seen them like that on a piece I have where the mixie comes and goes and have been told it's to do with that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackleberry270 View Post
    Looks likley

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    Its called Hepatic coccidiosis caused by a parasite called Eimeria stride. The parasite thrives in damp conditions. Seen quite a lot of it in my part of Cornwall after the wet winter.

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    Many thanks for the feedback and information. Dama Dama, it has been incredibly wet up here this year so that fits in.

    does it have any impact on the edibility of the carcass ?

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    I had exactly the same this evening

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    All I can say is that my family have eaten quite a few over the years that had that when I was a kid and we had rabbit about once a week on average (shot by yours truly with his then top-of-the-range BSA Airsporter ) . We used to think it was liver fluke (though I remember that being more white dots on the liver so maybe not the same), though naturally we didn't eat the actual liver.

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    As with others, I have eaten rabbits with spotty livers, just binned the livers.
    The flecks are different to the liver fluke ones that I am used to seeing, but I guess so long as the liver is gone and you cool well any parasites will be killed.

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    Cocci. Carcass edible. Shot one last night that is awaiting jointing and a korma sauce

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