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Thread: Range finding binos

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    Range finding binos

    Any advice on rangefinding binos ,anything out there under a grand worth buying.

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    The simple answer is no. The top 3 are Leica, Swarovski and Zeiss which are all fairly comparable and similarly priced and will cost you the best part of £2k!!
    Bushnell and Steiner do them much cheaper, but it is pointless trying to range find something that you can't actually see at low light!
    Best save your pennies towards a good set.

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    As per MS' comment, and look for previously loved in the high end
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    I agree with MS, save up and buy as mentioned above you won't regret it.
    I have the Swarovski range 8x42's and in my opinion are a brilliant piece of kit, but go and try before you buy as its a lot of money to shell out.

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    Can get set of leica geovids 8x42 for £895 what you think, would they be good for last light.

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    arnt meopta bringing out a set of range finding binos in the near future? might be worth waiting for them to see how much they're asking!

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    Leica RF Binos for £875 - is this S/H ? or if new Pray tell from where please

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    s/h these binos ,just want to know on your views before i purchase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobby18 View Post
    Can get set of leica geovids 8x42 for £895 what you think, would they be good for last light.
    Leica geovids were the first ones out there really. They are tried and tested and extremely good! If you can get a fully serviceable pair at that price you should snap them up.
    There will be remaining warranty on the optics, but probably not on the electronics of the rangefinder. Don't tell anyone else where they are - just buy them!

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