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Thread: Unusual impala trophy

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    Unusual impala trophy

    I took this impala ram in the Eastern Cape when hunting with Wild Horizon. He's not the biggest ram you'll ever see, but take a close look at the horns. Does anyone notice anything unusual?

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    Good looking ram,

    the horns are twisting outwards at the top, rather that going strait or slightly inwards.

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    Shaped like an Nyala?


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    Great trophy as usual from Wild Horizons, a one of a kind for sure. Was it on Sweatlands, or Lady Grey you took it, I know he also has loads of other concessions now based on what you want to take. I'm going back next year for the sixth time with Guy and Clint, and cant wait. Only thing stopped me this year was a total knee joint replacement that's gone wrong, 6 months on and I'm still in pain. A great trophy, have it done with Guys taxidermy chap, I have six at home that look great from warthog to blue wildebeest. deerwarden

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    Beautiful animal you have there, well done on taking it

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    It's father must have been a heartabeast.

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    Hi MJ75,
    I thought that Impala horns started off as Juveniles, pointing inwards. Then as they grew, they lengthened and straightened. By the time they were adult, they started to turn outwards at the tips. Yours seems to be an extreme example of this, and a very nice Trophy.

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    Great flare!!

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    Great Impala - very unusual. On which concession did you shoot it? Just returned from a fabulous trip myself with Guy.
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