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Thread: Swarovski El 8.5x42 wb Binos

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    Swarovski El 8.5x42 wb Binos

    Due to the fact that I am in the process of selling my deer stalking rifle I am also now considering selling my swarovski El 8.5x42 wb Binos. They are in excellent condition with original case, box, strap and instruction. NO Scratches on the Glass and everything exactly as it should be. These retail for about 1400 I am looking for 850. I would prefer face to face due to value, I can deliver up as far as Bristol or across as far as east sussex.



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    Unbeliavably these are still available, could drop the price 20 if it was absolutley necessary.

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    Hi - have just sent you PM. Cheers Roo.

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    Hi Roop, sorry been away, yes the binos are still here if your interested.
    Regards Jamie.

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    did these sell jamie?

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    Sorry folks the binos are now sold.
    Regards Jamie.

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